I didn’t post a photo of myself without makeup to raise awareness for Cancer or to claim that I was being brave by showing myself bare-faced.  I did it as a “so what!” The truth is,  I donate to the Canadian Cancer Society yearly so I don’t need a “selfie” as a motivation to do that…and I don’t feel brave without make up, no more than I feel brave with make up. (that’s not to diminish the feelings of those who did feel brave posting a photo without make up. I know there are some people who feel very vulnerable without make up and if you’re one of them who pushed through that fear and posted a No  Make Up Selfie” then, good for you!)

The No Make up Selfie has caused quite a stir. People are actually ANGRY about it. I think this is ridiculous for many reasons.
1. There are more important things happening in the world to be angry about.  For example, animal cruelty.
2. The No Make up Selfie has raised over 8 million dollars for Cancer research. How can anyone be mad about that?
3. Mustaches in November have zero to do with prostate Cancer just like No make up has zero to do with breast cancer…but they both raise money and awareness, yet no one is mad about Movember.
4. Is your anger making anything better? No.
5. People enjoy taking selfies and it’s not doing any harm to anyone. None whatsoever.  If you don’t like to see selfies, don’t look at them.

It’s super problematic that anyone has anger or feels the need to ridicule someone for doing something that harms no one else. If selfie takers were kicking puppies or stealing money from the purses of old ladies, then be angry. If someone is taking a photo of themselves, who cares why they are doing it. It’s just a photo and it doesn’t concern you.

With make up or without make up ,taking selfies or not taking them. We all have the right to do whatever we want, don’t we?

If you feel beautiful with make up on, then wear make up. If you truly believe that make up hides our “real” selves, then don’t wear make up but don’t look down on those that do. If you hate selfies, then feel free to never take one, and don’t bother looking at other people’s selfies either. Judging other people for what they are doing or wearing or not wearing is silly.  And this talk of people who post selfies as being vain? Well, so what?  It’s much better to adore yourself than to hate yourself.  We need to start being supportive instead of constantly trying to knock other people down.  Yes, we live in an image-obsessed world, but we all need to stop being so caught up in what other people are doing. If it’s harmless, then what’s the point of being angry?
Be happy instead. You’ll feel much better.




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