It’s ok!

It happens.
When you’re in a relationship, there are times when you may feel jealous.
One thing I hear about a lot is men who hate their female partners sex toys. They are terribly jealous of them. They feel diminished. They feel unwanted. They feel useless. If you’re a female with a male partner and he’s not a fan(or he outright hates your toys) Here are some ways to make him feel better:

1. Never let a sex toy replace actual human contact. Your vibrator will never kiss your forehead or tell you you look pretty when you’re feeling kind of troll-ish. Let sex toys enhance your sex life. Don’t let them replace it.

2. Use sex toys with your partner. Don’t bring out your vibrator only when you’re alone. It can be fun to play together. That’s not to say that you can’t masturbate alone with your vibe. Do it and do it as often as you like. Just don’t make your sex toys some weird little secret that your partner can’t get in on. If he becomes familiar with your toys, there’s less likely a chance that he will feel weird about you using them.

3. Get him a sex toy. Use it with him and let him know it’s cool and you want him to use it when he masturbates as well. Get him used to the idea of sex toys and how much fun that they can be.

4. Don’t compare him to your toys. Toys are not people. Tell him that he’s an awesome lover and that toys just add an extra spark to your sex life.

5. Go sex toy shopping together. Drop into your nearest  Our Pleasure and buy some fun toys together. Make it more about the both of you. Including him will make him feel less threatened.

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