I hate everything that came before me

We have heard  the same story many many times with certain customers. They pop into our store, looking to try something new to keep their lover interested.  Most times it’s a great intention, sometimes it isn’t.
Sometimes we get customers dropping in to buy some anal de-sensitizer (which we NEVER recommend by the way.  If it hurts so much that you need to be numb to get through it, don’t do it. You could be causing yourself damage…but that’s a whole other entry!) They often want to participate in anal sex because they want to not be “boring” or because their partners had previously tried it before and we want to be able to please them like their former lovers have.
The thing is, we should never concern ourselves with our partners sexual pasts unless we’re talking about STI’s or illegalities.  Getting hung up on what someone did before they were with you is nonsense. It can seriously ruin your relationship.
Every time you think and get jealous or stress over what someone did before you, you should stop and think about all the delicious things they do with you!
Each sexual relationship is unique.  Live in the moment!

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