Good morning, lovers!
It’s question and answer time!


I go inside my girlfirnd all the time and don’t use condoms and she not on the pill. Is she going to get pregnant or not. She never yet.

Hi there,
Yes. Most likely, if both you and your girlfriend  are able to have children, she will become pregnant if you are ejaculating  inside of her without any form of birth control.


Dear Our Pleasure,
This question is for your weekly question and answer column. I am a woman in my fifties with a male partner who is in his seventies. He is no longer able to get an erection and I still desire him. He has shut me out. 

Hi there,
We are sorry you are dealing with this. Your husband probably feels extremely upset that he can no longer get an erection, so you must be careful with him. A lot of men feel very depressed about this subject and you want to be as gentle and understanding with them as you can. Your husband can still give you pleasure, manually or orally, and you can both still have intercourse using a hollow strap on or a prosthetic penis device. To keep the intimacy alive in your relationship, cuddle naked. Spend time in bed together touching each other. Has your husband spoken to his doctor about this? If not, we suggest that he does. There are “magic” pills that may help him get an erection and we actually carry some, but it’s always best for him to check with his doctor first.  Good luck!

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