Too Fat For Sex?

I recently read an article that stated that 52% of women felt so embarrassed by their bodies that they didn’t want to have sex.  52%!
That’s a little over half of the female population that hate their bodies so much that they are willing to give up on a happy, healthy sex life. 19% of men also feel too fat to have sex. No one should feel this way!
According to Psycho-sexual specialist, Dr Catherine Hood, our body image issues are affecting more than just our self esteem, at an alarming rate, it’s also affecting our sexual health and the state of our personal relationships.
When our self image starts to leak over into other aspects of our lives, that’s when we know we have a problem.
No one can live up to these unrealistic ideas of perfection. There is no perfection!

We should all feel comfortable enough in our own skin to share our bodies with another person.
The fact is, the person we are having sex with is not judging you in the way you are judging yourself…and if they are…it’s time to get a new partner.

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