Goodbye to my role model and to my friend.

I’m sure all of you read last Monday how Petey was leaving Our Pleasure for good as of May 30th. I wanted to take a minute to look back at the amazing person that she has been. Between writing about personal experiences, and inspiring people to try new things Petey has had her hands on molding all of us who have read this blog. For the last year since I began writing she has been my inspiration and reason for sharing with you. She taught me that just because bad things happen to you in your past it doesn’t mean that you have to let it affect your future. Life is about the journey, not the destination and Petey is a perfect example of that.
I know that I will never be able to fill the sexy stilettos that she has left behind for me but with your help I think we can make this journey together. I will do my best to answer your questions, write interesting stories and maybe bring back a poll or two.
Please feel free to share your favorite story about Petey or comment with your favorite blog. I know we will all miss her dearly.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye to my role model and to my friend.

  1. This was sooooo sweet! I’ll miss Petey too, She was the only real person at Our Pleasure sometimes i feel like she was not fake you know?. Asia. I’m sure you’re gonna be great! Me and my friends always read the weeks blog every friday night when we’re getting ready to go out and we all love your entries too. Never commented before but felt like I had to. It seems like you and Petey had a good work relationship. Wish more workplaces could be like that. Half the time ppl are assholes. Anyhoo, we all love you Asia and we’ll all miss Petey so much! Love ya! Keep up the good work!

    • Awwww I am so lucky to have the support of beautiful readers like you Alyson! Petey was most defiantly the real deal and a friend I will keep for life. Im meeting her for lemonade tomorrow and I know she’ll love to hear that she will be missed. Thank you for being a supporter of us both :)

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