Toy of the week!

  So I was thinking of a way to spice up the blog on Friday nights and I thought why not choose a weekly in store toy to show you guys! We’re constantly getting in new things and this would be the perfect way to keep you guys in the loop. I’m gonna give it a try for this week and if you like the idea, tell me, if you hate it, well tell me that too!
This week I’m showing you the new Screaming O Studio Balm Stick which is available at the Duckworth St. location. It looks exactly like a cherry lip balm that you would have in your pocket but it’s secretly a vibrator!
Blog 3                                                   Blog 2

This toy takes 3 watch sized batteries, has 1 fantastic high powered speed and is easily hidden for discreet moments. Below is a picture of what it looks like without the top on, and as you can see it has a soft red tip for fantastic clitoral stimulation.                                         


This is defiantly a fun summer toy for anyone looking for something new and exciting! Just make sure one of your friends doesn’t grab this lip balm from your purse lol!




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