Toy of the week!

Newfoundland and Labrador is home to 31 different types of butterflies but this year we’re trying to make it 32! Spring is the time when the beautiful flowers blossom and the butterflies emerge from their cocoons but this season’s most exotic butterfly is available at Our Pleasure! The butterfly kiss is a three speed vibrator that provides amazing clitoral stimulation through its butterfly and g-spot stimulation through the shaft. This toy has always been one of my favorite to sell because of the enthusiasm my training manager instilled in me over it! When she was explaining the speeds to me she said now Asia the speeds are as follows; Low, Medium and OMG that’ll knock you off the bed! After my giggles subsided I couldn’t get over how fast the little wings and antenna were moving, this is a toy that every girl who likes clitoral stimulation should have.

Butterfly Kiss 


   With it’s clitoral and G-spot vibrations this toy is one of the most amazing branch vibe’s that we sell and easily the best price point. At 26.95$ this toy wont only keep your wallets full but it’ll keep you screaming all night long! Since this is one of our best sellers let us know what you think of this toy!

 Butterfly Kiss1

Welcome to spring darlings!



P.S. This toy is currently in stock at our following locations:
Topsail Road
Mount Pearl
Corner Brook
And don’t forget out website! Click here to purchase online

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