Bang! Bang! Bye?

Have you ever had one of those fantastic dates where you’re both totally in to each other and then never hear from the other person again? What about dating someone for a few weeks and then POOF like a disappearing act their gone? I would rather be told that the person is “not that into me” than just disappearing without a word. One of my friends is going through exactly this right now; dating a guy, sleeping with him, laughing with him, texting back and forth little messages and xo’s. Then suddenly communication stops, no texting, no calls, and blocked on facebook. I honestly think this is the rudest, coldest and meanest way to let someone know you are not into them. If you are talking to someone and you’re not into it, don’t tell them that you can’t wait to see them again, don’t tell them you’re going for a drive and will text later and definitely don’t send xo’s with a winky face than never text again. If you act like you’re into someone and then stop texting or calling you know they’re going to keep trying to reach you, probably thinking that something has happened to you. If you’re the person who is being shut out you worry and think something may have happened, but you’re also nervous that they may just be ignoring you.
Why can’t people just be honest with each other? If you’re not that into her, tell her, if you’re not that into him, tell him. The worst thing you can do after dating someone is to just shut them out and let them wonder what they did wrong. Send a little message, tell them in person, “hey I’m not sure this is going where I want it to” or “You’re a great person but not for me.” Taking 5 minutes out of your life to explain yourself to someone can possibly hurt someone’s feelings, but it’s better than shutting them out and letting them wonder what they did to make you ignore them.
“Was I bad in bed?” “What did I say wrong” “He/She must have met someone better looking”. These are the things that go through your mind when someone ditches you after dating with no explanation. So next time you realize your just not into someone, tell them.
Remember; All things come full circle and maybe someone your into will do the same to you. Karma is a nasty woman to mess with.

Love always,

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