Good morning, lovers!
It’s question and answer time!

Dear Our Pleasure,
First of all I want to say how much I enjoy this q and a. Petey, you have a good way with words and I enjoy you’re well thought out answers. Now to the problem at hand. I am an overweight woman in my 20s and I am finding it hard to build anything other than a sex relationship. Why is it that no one wants to do anything other than have sex with me? I worry that my looks are good enough to f*ck but not good enough to love. Plus I have sex with the lights off so no one has to see me anyway. How do I make someone love me and see that I am worth more than a one night stand? Most of my friends are my age(late 20s or early 30s) and they are all settled down. Living together, married, some have families and I’m here with nothing but my ugly body and every now and then, a one night stand.

First off I want to apologize because Petey is no longer here to answer your question but I will do my best. To start I think you need to value yourself a little more. The first thing you told me about yourself is that you are overweight but that is not who you are, you are a young woman looking for love in all the wrong places. Your body is not ugly, we are all beautiful in different ways. There are lots of people who prefer curvy women over thin and vice versa so you should never put yourself down over weight because there are people who find you beautiful and alluring. Secondly, you spoke about wanting more than a one night stand but it’s important to know a person before having sex with them if you are looking for a relationship. When we as women de-value ourselves by saying were too big, or we’re not worth much, it shows in our speech, body language and every part of us. Start waking up in the morning and saying, “I am beautiful” because you are. If you start to feel good about yourself others will too and I think that this may be part of your problem. If you can’t love yourself for you, than it’s very difficult for someone else to. Trust me, I’m a plus size woman and I’ve been there, I’ve felt the way you do and I’ve spent many nights crying over it. However when I realized that I am who I am and that I loved myself regardless; love found me. This is the best advice that I can give you. Remember, you ARE beautiful.


Why do girls always lie and tell me my penis is huge. Its average length and below avg girth I MEASURED.

   Well for starters every penis is different and so is every vagina. What may seem average to you (statistically speaking) maybe me massive to a girl whose been with men who are below average. I also want to clarify that average is approx 5.1” – 5.9” in length and 4.8” in circumference when erect. For some reason most men think 7” is average (I blame porn) but it is actually above average. How you use your penis also makes a huge difference. The way you move your body, you’re hips, they are all factors on how full a woman will feeling during intercourse with you, therefore making her feel like it’s bigger. It’s not about the size my friend it’s about how you use it and apparently you know how!



Guys, when you cum where do you feel it? Penis, balls, taint, all of it? Besides the obvious, what’s all going on down there?


Unfortunately, and I say this sincerely because I wish I could be a man for just one day, I am a woman and do not know exactly how a man feels during ejaculation. When a man ejaculates he gets a good feeling in his groin area, which is everything between the torso and legs but exactly how each man feels this is different. I asked a few male friends ranging from ages 21 – 50 to see what they would say and this is the answers I got:

Friend #1: “Hmmmm I defiantly think the head first and then like as the orgasm progresses I feel it in the taint which is a weird feeling sometimes.”

Friend #2: “Well Im a person who likes to hold off on my orgasm, kind of build it up in a denied orgasm sense. For me its all mental, I build myself up, let it drop, build it up and let it drop until I get to the point of exploding and at that point what I feel more than anything is a huge sense of pleasure through my whole body it’s a mental release for me, not a physical.”

Friend #3: “it’s like a lot of good feeling pressure just building and building at the tip and then it just suddenly feels like a ton of awesome pressure at one time released from all over than I feel drained and want to sleep”

Friend #4: “I feel it in the taint first, then through my testicles, and finally up through the taint. For me it’s about holding the orgasm, letting it build and build, than when I’M ready I let it go and I feel it through my entire body. It’s the best orgasm you can have.”

So really, for every person there is a lot of variance in the feelings and every orgasm is experienced differently. Friend 2 and 4 are the more mature men who seem to be able to control their orgasms and feel it all over. Friend  1 who felt it mostly in the traint was a homosexual male and Friend  3 was the youngest in his early 20s. It seems age and sexuality definatly plays a factor in the experience. Wish I could give you a “black and white” answer but everything is different for everyone!

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