Good morning, lovers!
It’s question and answer time!

I have an issue. I can’t get hard with my girlfriend anymore.

Well this is an issue. The answer to this depends on if you can get hard without her, or if you cannot get hard at all. If you cannot achieve an erection at all anymore than you should defiantly go see your doctor and make sure that there is nothing going on with you. If you can get an erection but not with your girlfriend than the problem is most likely a psychological problem. Sometimes when we are no longer attracted to our partners it can be hard to become stimulated by them. This can also happen if there is conflict in the relationship. If you and your partner are having relationship issues or fighting more than normal than I would recommend sitting down with your partner and trying to work through those issues because they may be a mental block for you. When stress becomes a problem it is hard to become aroused, for males and females so you may want to make sure there is nothing affecting your mental state of mind. I hope this answers your question if not please feel free to message back with more details J

How to eat a girl out?

Well this is a pretty broad question because women are all different and we all like different things but I will do my best to give you a few pointers on the subject! If what you need is not in my answer I would suggest picking up a copy of the Ultimate Guide of Cunnilingus in one of our stores.

  1. Make sure she’s comfortable and relaxed. Let her know that this is something you want to do, not a chore. We do worry about if you enjoy it down there and if you are just doing it because you have to. Knowing our partner isn’t in a rush, that they want us to enjoy it is incredibly sexy.Offer to get her a pillow to put under her hips so that you have more access to her. Make sure that she’s in a position that is good for her. If we’re in an uncomfortable position it is nearly impossible to enjoy ourselves.


  1. Tease us with your tongue! Don’t go for the pleasure spot right away as if you want to get it over as fast as possible. Lick our thighs, our labia, our lower stomach, raise a little anticipation and let our desire blossom.


  1. Not all of us are comfortable asking you to lick or touch us in certain ways so listen to our body language. If our breathing is getting deeper than we’re enjoying what you’re doing, if we raise our pelvis up to meet your mouth we want more. Being aware of your partners body and being able to give them what they want without being asked is incredibly sexy.


  1. Don’t just flick your tongue up and down on our clitoris, move your tongue side to side, make circles around it, be creative! We don’t want to lie down and feel the same sensation forever, switch it up, experiment with us, get your teeth involved! Switching up the sensation and being attentive is worth 5 gold stars!


  1. Don’t be disappointed if we don’t cum while you’re down there. Some women like to be penetrated at the point of climax while others like to climax during oral. Every woman is different and you need to know your partner for that reason. Just because you can’t make a woman finish from oral alone doesn’t mean you’re bad at it, it just means she wants something different during that moment. Leave your egos at the door this is all about us.

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