80 / 20 Rule

   Have you ever noticed that no matter how in love you are, no matter how your partner makes your stomach fill with butterflies that there is still always someone else who gives your heart a little pitter patter? A few years ago someone told me about the 80/20 rule and at first it never made sense but now it does. No partner is ever going to be 100% of everything that you want, there’s always going to be some differences but that can be exciting and fun. When we say someone is perfect for us there are still things that could be improved on. The problem occurs when we are with someone and we feel like there is something missing so some of us go looking for it.

   When you look for someone who has that something that your partner is missing it can be fun and exciting at first, maybe you even decide to leave your partner for this person but it’ll never be enough. I was in a long term relationship, 2 years, and my girlfriend Nikki didn’t think I was wild enough, because lets me honest I’m a good girl with a slight wild side, I’m not a rebel. Nikki wanted someone that she could hop fences with, break rules, be BAD and that wasn’t me. So she started an affair with this young girl who always went looking for trouble, and Nikki found it with her. They thought it would be fun to have sex on the roof of a strip club in Alberta (Nikki was working in Alberta) and they got arrested (obviously). So around 5:30 am NFLD time I got a phone call from my ‘oh so sorry’ girlfriend who realized the ‘error’ of her ways and needed my responsible self to bail her out. DID NOT happen. This is what the 80/20 rule is about. Nikki got 80% of what she needed from me; the 20% she was missing was the rebel so she left me, leaving herself with only 20% of what she needed. It didn’t take long for the ‘I’m sorry’s’ to start flowing and the ‘it’ll never happen again’s’ but they fell on deaf ears.

   Trust me when I say this my darlings, nobody is perfect. Nobody is going to walk into your life and be 100% of what you need, when you need it, how you need it and never piss you off. These unrealistic ideals that someone is Princess Charming are completely ridiculous. Stop throwing away serious relationships for a little bit of danger, a bigger booty, a bigger penis, a tanned body, a car, whatever you’re thinking, just don’t. If you choose to give up your 80 than at least have the decency to tell them in advance, don’t call them from jail in the middle of the night it’ll just piss them off more.

It’s all about the math darlings!



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