Good morning, darlings!

It’s question and answer time!

   I was at the downtown store last week and the girl told me that I could not use coconut oil as a lube but I saw it on Dr. OZ and when I looked it up online it said I could. Are your staff uneducated on new products or was she just trying to sell me lubricant?

   First off let me begin by saying that we do educate our staff on all new products that are available and we do not try to up-sell customer’s products that they are not interested in just to make a sale. We sell on an education basis not on sales, which is why we are not a commission based company. As for your question about coconut oil we do not recommend ANY kind of oil to be used on the female genitals. The reason for this is that the pH and bacteria levels in the vagina are very sensitive and can be thrown off very easily. Once the pH balance in the vagina is off balance women experience irritation and aggravation which often leads to a yeast infection. It is very hard to clean bacteria out of the vagina when there is oil present and it can also lead to a build up in the urinary track causing UTI’s. Another factor in this is that oil can break down condoms which can lead to the transmission of STI’s or cause accidental pregnancy. Due to these factors we do not recommend using oil as a lubricant, but if you feel that you want to use coconut oil obviously it is your choice. I would urge you to speak to a doctor or pharmacist before you try this however just to have a medical opinion.

 Can you try on strapon’s in store?

You can put a harness on over your clothing just to see if it will fit the way that you want but you can not take one into the dressing room and try it on without clothing. This is for hygenic reasons which Im sure you understand :)

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