Toy of the week

So it’s no secret that we at Our Pleasure love our Bunny toys! We figure anything that stimulates your clitoris AND g-spot must be a winner right! WELL what if we told you that this is not your typical bunny this is a rabbit! This advanced mature version of the bunny will have your fluffy tail twitching with its dual motors made to leave your feet thumping. Not only is this toy pure silicone it has 7 functions and is completely waterproof! You may need to jump into a lake with this toy to keep yourself from overheating ;) BUT WAIT its rechargeable! Yes ladies, rechargeable, which means no more scrambling to find what remote has the right batteries in it. This is the toy that just keeps going and going and going… Kind of like the energizer Bunny!

ENRKG2006-Bunny-300x270 41dvYdTfw9L 453_view2_large

Available at our Corner Brook location this toy sells for $121.95 and is definatly a toy for those of you who are looking for a toy that just keeps on giving!

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