Slippery, Splashy, Fun time

   There is nothing better than a late night swim after a hot day with friends or just your partner for a little romp in the water! Last night I headed out for a swim around 11pm and it was the most refreshing, relaxing swim ever! With swimming being so popular this time of year I thought I would share some tips and cautions about late night swimming and water fun!

  1. Skinny dipping is illegal in Newfoundland! We all love it and a lot of us do it but make sure you don’t get caught in the nude because you may get a fine you can’t explain to anyone haha
  2. Make sure if you’re going for a late night skinny dip that you wear a glow stick in your hair or around your neck. This insures that your friends or partner can see you in the water no matter how dark it is.
  3. If your going to have some sexy fun in the water make sure the toy you bring is waterproof. Any toy that is listed as ‘splash proof’ does not mean water proof. If you’re unsure just ask one of your friendly OP workers they’ll be happy to find you a fun outdoor toy!
  4. Water based lubricants are not waterproof, if you intend to have some splashy fun keep in mind that you should use a silicone lubricant as they are waterproof.
  5. Lakes, ponds, the ocean, they all contain bacteria and getting them inside the vagina can lead to a lot of aggravation and irritation afterwards! Id recommend you stand up and insert the penis into the vagina first rather than insert it once in the water. This is NOT going to make sex in the water safe but it will help a little
  6. Hot tubs, swimming pools, they contain chemicals that keep the water balanced. However they also disrupt the PH balance in the vagina, they are a BIG no no.
  7. Water will not wash the sperm out of the vagina. You still need to wear a condom.


We know that you’re going to have hot, slippery water sex this summer I mean most of us have tried it to! Just keep in mind that it can be dangerous and there may be consequences. If you’re going to have some water fun look below for some safer, fun positions!!



Surfs Up    Leg up On the Edge Randy Raft Rubber Dingy Sea Horse

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