Toy of the week


 You Sqweel, We Sqweel, We all Sqweel for oral sex!! And here’s a toy that’s guaranteed to make us all Sqweel! The Sqweel Go is a small, rechargeable vibe that fits easily in your purse or luggage for pleasure on the go. It features 10 silicone tongues, 3 vibrations and 3 patterns for oral sex with or without a partner. This toy perfectly stimulates oral sex when and where YOU want it! For fantastic, slippery play all you need to do is add some lubrication to the spinning tongues and allow them to take you to new heights of ecstasy!



la_maleta_roja display-sqweel-go-display

This is one of those toys that is so revolutionary it changes the way we view toys and adult play! Check out some of the youtube video reviews and you will see that we are not the only ones who can’t stop raving about this delicious little toy!

This toy is available for 99.95$ on our website link here to purchase!




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