Flavored Bliss

   Believe it or not one of my favorite things to have on hand during sex is flavored lubricant. I think that using flavored lubricant for oral sex is a fun and exciting way to spice things up that a lot of people don’t think of. I remember once I was hosting a pleasure party and one of the girls asked why anyone would want their vagina to taste like Bubble gum? My response was simple, Why wouldn’t you? Let’s be serious for a moment here, everything tastes better with a little flavor. You might love vanilla ice cream but it’s nice to add a topping from time to time. Flavored lubricants are kind of like that; a topping for your genitals. We carry a huge variety of flavors ranging from Grape Crush, Cotton Candy, Bubble Gum, Pina Colada, Blueberry Cheesecake, and at least a dozen more. Flavored lubricants are a fun way to get more involved with your partner! Maybe you finish dinner and tell your partner that you’re having strawberry cheesecake in the bedroom for dessert and when he walks in your naked with a bottle of flavored lubricant. Maybe you’re both on a diet and having a craving for something sweet! Take out a bottle of Toko’s sugar free Exotic Fruits lubricant, it tastes just like cotton candy and it’ll make your partner touch you that more enthusiastically! These are also great for diabetics because there is no sugar added :)

There are a million reasons why I LOVE these but the most important one is that it brings couples closer together through touching and play. Couples who play together, stay together. Keep that in mind the next time you stop into any of our stores!

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