Good morning, lovers!
It’s question and answer time!

At 2.5 inches and thin when erect, I know I’m small. Roughly thumb sized. I am not sure I can pleasure a woman with it – and some of them have let me know. And let their friends know that it’s “tiny”, “like a little cocktail sausage”, “pathetic”, and “like a belly button when flaccid”. This hasn’t made me very confident.


Dear Max,

Penis’s come in many different shapes and sizes just like people but sex is not just all about the penis; I clearly do not have a penis and my girlfriend can still orgasm like everyone else. You’ve been blessed with not just a penis but with fingers and a tongue as well, which ladies love I promise. Maybe you should focus more on the foreplay side of things as opposed to just sex, because the right combination of foreplay and sex can send a woman over the edge and begging for more. I think you need to focus more on stimulating your partner during foreplay, and also during intercourse. If you can keep her mindless with stimulation (like clitoral) than she won’t care how large your penis is.

There are also positions that can make the penis feel bigger I’ll let you know the top 3 that I could find.

  1. Modified Missionary: A woman lying on her back, with a pillow under her pelvis. You slide into her at an angle, with her legs clasped together and over one shoulder. When she squeezes her vaginal muscles together it make everything feel tighter, making you feel bigger.
  2. Calibrated Cowboy: You want her to sit on top of you and instead of her bobbing up and down you have her gyrate herself back and forth on the penis so that her clitoris rubs against your pelvis. You can spice this move up a little by holding a clitoral toy in your hand and rubbing it on her as she grinds on you.
  3. Doggie Style: Have her place her head and shoulders on a pillow with her bottom pointing up in the air. You want to lean over her as much as possible to get a close deep connection because Doggie Style can make any penis feel massive in the heat of the moment. This is also a great time to stimulate her clitoris with your hand wrapping around her hip. Remember that only 30% of women can orgasm from penetration alone and she will appreciate the extra effort you provide.

If you really wish to increase the size of your penis we do have penis extensions in store and on our online store that add 1-4 inches to the size of your penis. They are mostly made of cyberskin and have a life like feel.

But keep in mind that if in your mind you feel like your penis is too small, and you act like it is a problem, than other people will see it that way as well. Be confident in yourself because you have so much more to offer than just a penis.

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