Good morning, lovers!
It’s question and answer time!

Ok. I am a little shy when it comes to the S word. Me and my husband have been married for only 3 years and our sex life has totally changed and I feel like he just isn’t into me anymore. I mean, it’s hard when I work 3rd shift and he works 1st to find some US time, but I just don’t know what to do to spice up the relationship. Got any ideas for me?


Well DoubleDee it’s a little difficult for me to suggest things when I do not know what you have tried in the past but I will assume that you have not tried anything to spice things up before and list some fun options for you to try.

  1. Try a vibrating penis ring as a way to engage you and your partner in more exciting sex. The penis ring fits snuggly at the base of the penis by controlling the blood flow in and out of the penis giving him a fuller, thicker feeling, and when mixed with vibration can provide you both with extra stimulation. For your husband the ring will vibrate up through the shaft of the penis and for you it will stimulate the clitoris whenever his pelvis comes in contact with yours. Defiantly a fun way to bring you both closer together.
  2. I’ve always been a fan of flavored lubricants, as I’m sure most of you who read this know. Pick a flavor you both like and use it to engage in more exciting, stimulating oral sex. You’ll be amazed at how much more enthusiastic you both are when your genitals tastes like cheesecake!
  3. Ask your husband what his ultimate fantasy is. Maybe its Princess Leia, a nurse, a maid, school girl, but whatever it is dressing up can get him pretty excited! Show him that you’re interested in trying new things and helping him fulfill his fantasies and he’ll be more interested in returning the favor.

More important than all of these though is telling your partner how you feel. Let him know that you want to try something new and that you don’t think your spending enough time together. He may feel the same way and you just not know. Communication is the main element in any relationship. For more fun ideas come visit us at any of the Our Pleasure stores and our friendly staff will be more than happy to help you find something to make your toes curl.


So what should a woman do when her man just can’t perform? Experts seem to agree that most important is to remember it’s not your problem and you’re not the cause.

-S Mun

Mun, you are correct in saying that it is not your problem and that you are not the cause but it can be very frustrating either way. If your partner can not perform there are many options out there such as strap-ons, PPA’s, enhancement pills, delaying sprays, etc. Unfortunately without knowing what concerns your partner is having I cannot suggest anything. If it is a medical issue I would recommend that he go see his family doctor and make sure there is nothing to be concerned about. If the doctor tells him it is not medical or that he should try something come into one of our stores and we will try to help you find something for both of you.

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