Good morning, lovers!
It’s question and answer time!

I like to talk dirty but my partner is so quiet! How do I fix this?


   Unfortunately if your partner does not enjoy talking during sex then there is not much that you can do about it. Some people feel insecure about talking during intercourse, and that’s ok because everyone is different. The only real option you have is to talk to your partner and ask them if this is something they can try. They may try it and love it, or they may try it and hate it. Either way the best option is to communicate with them and let them know that this is something you feel you need. If they are not willing to try this than you may need to evaluate what you need more; them or the talking.



G’Day Our pleasure

I was wondering, in your viewpoint would it be conceivable to be pals right after a pals with benefits partnership. Mainly if you chosen to operate with that friend and you understood that she had a couple of other sex buddies?


   Good day to you too. The only thing that stops people from being friends after a friends with benefits relationship is the people involved. If you and your friend have been messing around together and have now decided to stop there is no reason not to continue your friendship. Unfortunately when a lot of people try to be FWB’s emotions tend to get involved and it doesn’t always end nicely. I’ve had a few cases where I’ve had FWB’s and it did not end well; someone got feelings, or someone got jealous and the friendship ended. However one of the best friends I have now I had a sexual relationship with for 2 years and we are still best friends. If you respect each other enough to want to still be friends than I would say you’re on the right path. Just remember its none of your business who she sleeps with and vice versa if you’re just going to be just friends so it shouldn’t matter if she has other sex buddies. Don’t force anything just treat each other as you did before the sex and you’ll be fine.

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