Rain, Rain, Make me Cum again

   With all this dreary weather I thought I’d share with you my favorite story about sex in the rain.

When you’re younger it’s hard to find a time and place to have sex especially if you live with your family which I did. When I was in my late teens I had this great friend who I used to have the hottest, mind blowing sex with. To this day I wish I could have had some kind of feelings for him other than sexual because he knew exactly how to make me orgasm from the first time we messed around. This one day I remember he texted me and said he was horny, now mind you it was pouring rain and we both lived with our parents so I figured we were going to have sex in the back of his car… Not. He took me to the walking trail in Mount Pearl that leads from Paradise to St. John’s and walked me literally like 20 feet into the woods and told me to strip. I of course was a little nervous of people walking by so I kind of hesitated and that was what led to my first heart stopping command. I remember him pushing me up against a tree, pressing his body against me and putting his lips to mine whispering the command “strip”. Now for some reason, I dunno if it was the rain, the tone of his voice, but whatever it was I listened. He said he never planned on being so authoritative, or taking control like that but something about being in the woods, the rain, the primal setting of it all took over him and he felt very… ‘I am man hear me roar’ lol. It’s funny but I think I will remember the feeling of being naked in the woods, rain dropping off my body, pushed up against a tree having sex with him for the rest of my life. There is something so natural about being naked in the woods with the rain pouring down that makes you feel wiped clean, like nothing else in the world matters.

   Now obviously I can’t recommend you have sex off a walking trail since it’s illegal to have sex in public… BUT I do recommend that you find a secret place, off a camp site, in the wood, by your cabin, and just let your primitive nature take control. Let your partner lift and pin you to a tree, hold you up and let the rain wash down over your breasts and body. There’s a reason they also show movie couples making out in the rain, it appeals to all our senses.



P.S. Ladies this would be a good time to wear waterproof makeup! Just sayin ;)


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