Good morning, lovers!
It’s question and answer time!

I always worry about my natural scent. In high school, guys would always say gross things about a girls scent and I guess I brought that with me as I grew up. I don’t find my scent offensive. I’m clean. But what do guys think when they are down there?

   First off let me start by saying what you probably already know; boys in high school are pretty much ignorant on sex, life and love. I remember when I was in high school there was a girl who was mixed, half black, half white and when her and her boyfriend broke up he told EVERYONE in school that she had roast beef meat curtains and pepperoni nipples. Obviously the color of her labia was darker than someone who was solely caucasian because of her mixed heritage. They were both very popular in school and after that none of the boys would date her, not because they didn’t like her but because they were too embarrassed to be seen dating the “beef box” girl. I’ve always felt really bad for her because she was a beautiful young girl who was tortured because of young high school boys. She’s married now and has a wonderful husband because as boys grow into men they realize that not everyone is the same. It’s very rare to find a girl with perfect pink labia or a girl who isn’t insecure about her vagina in some way. We are taught at a young age that we need to be perfect but being perfect means being you. Every woman’s vagina smells, tastes and looks different. Research has shown that the smell of a woman’s vagina contains pheromones that naturally attract the opposite sex to us. Evolution proves that our “mates” choose us often for our smell and taste. The scent of a woman’s arousal can drive a man wild, so don’t worry, men love the scent of a woman. I know I’m not a man but I feel the same way they do, being a lesbian, and there is nothing hotter than the scent of your partner arousal from your attention. Don’t be self conscious because most women are, and there’s nothing to be worried about. If you really are insecure pick up some vaginal wipes from our website which will erase all scent on the vagina or buy some flavored lubricant to change the scent and taste. Remember: you and your vagina are perfect just the way you are.


I hear a lot about girls keeping it tidy, but not so much about guys… Any pointers? I’m guessing taking a pair of scissors is a bad idea?

I actually didn’t know how to answer this question as I am not a male but I have a link for you to WikiHow showing you step by step how to shave your genitalia.

Another helpful hint would be to pick up some Coochy Cream, the rash free shave cream we have in store, it’s not just for women :o)


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