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You can get a STD for orel sex???

One of the biggest sexual myths that I know of is the myth that oral sex is 100% safe. HIV, herpes, syphilis, Chlamydia, gonorrhea, HPV and viral hepatitis can be passed through oral sex by way of bodily fluids. It is true that there is less of a risk of spreading STI’s through oral but there is still a risk. An American study shows that 13% of teenagers who engage in oral sex end up with some type of STI (that’s a huge percentage). Flavored condoms and dental dams are a great way to protect yourself and your partner from STI exposure. If you use a condom or dental dam your chances of infection are lowered greatly. If you do not have a dental dam handy keep in mind that you can cut the top of a condom off at the tip and then cut it in half to create a latex sheet that you can place over the vagina or anus for oral play. Flavored condoms were created as a tasty way to have safe oral sex, as well as dental dams for females, be safe, be healthy, be happy!

I’m sleeping with a guy who doesn’t clean under his foreskin as thorough as he should. He is excellent in bed except for the fact that he has a very rank smelling penis! What’s the most sensitive way to bring this to his attention?

Most likely what you smell is Smegma which is a combination of epithelial cells (which have shed), transudated skin oils and moisture that has built up under the foreskin from a lack of cleaning. This is a bacterium build up that can be healed with anti-biotic’s but you should be aware that he could pass the infection on to you if you are not careful. For women we can get a smegma build up around the clitoris so I would recommend you see a doctor just to make sure. If you really want to keep sleeping with him I would say it’s time to deal with this problem head on for your own health. One option you have is to ask him to get in the shower with you and wash his body for him, including his penis. Show him that washing under his foreskin can be an erotic experience. If he does have an infection however cleaning won’t change this he will most likely need anti-biotic’s. My best advice is to sit him down and tell him that you are worried about contracting an infection and would like for him to get checked by a doctor. Unfortunately there is no nice way to tell someone that they are dirty in that area, the best thing is to be honest and try to be as nice about it as possible.

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