Cherise Sinclair

   One of the things that a lot of people complain about when it comes to 50 shades of grey, and I’m guilty of this too, is that it’s not realistic. I’m not concerned with the idea of a billionaire falling for a poor little mousy girl I’m concerned with the unrealistic ideas it portrays on bondage. Anastasia seems to be in a constant state of fear and uncertainty for the first 2 books but that’s not what bondage is about. It’s about trust, letting go of your inhibitions with someone you can rely on. Contrary to popular belief the sub is ALWAYS in control because they have the ability to say red, to stop everything at once. Dom’s are like guides, they need to be in tune with their submissive’s reactions, their emotions and feelings. So when I read 50 shades of grey I was a little put off on how it portrayed bondage in this easy simple way, it never told you any cautionary tips about rope, paddles, nothing. A lot of us get our ideas from erotica because it’s a safe way to explore our darker ideas and see what excites us so I do feel like erotica authors have a responsibility to their readers to warn them about safety. Reading about nipple clamps being tightened and the sharp intake of breath the submissive feels when their applied followed by the blissful pain of their removal may be what drives you to try them. So I feel it’s important for authors to include at least a little safety information in their novels.

One of my favorite pastimes is reading bondage erotica because it gives me new ideas and perspectives. My favorite novels are by Cherise Sinclair, an erotica romance novelist who explores every aspect of bondage with characters who are beginners and experts. She deals with the subjects that are a little touchy, doms who go too far and begin abusing their subs, and doms who heal. I’ve been addicted to her books for a few years now and I highly recommend them to everyone who enjoys erotica.

   Check out the “Masters of the Shadowlands” series for some AMAZING stories:

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