Good morning, lovers!
It’s question and answer time!

Where do you take inspiration to write so good articles?

 That’s a really sweet question J ! I think I’m a very random person and things pop into my head all the time so I normally just write things in my phone as I think of them and then blog about them at work. Some of the things I’ve put in my phone are;

“Monster trucks, adventure, couples” – Because it was so much fun!

“Bondage vs. sexual assault” – I got into a conversation with a friend who’s a Dom about how many of the girls he’s played with who were abused at some point.

“Safe water sex” – I was swimming with Anne trying to convince her to play in the water but she was too afraid of getting an infection.

“80 / 20 Rule” – I actually got this from the Tyler Perry Movie ‘Why Did I get Married’ (amazing movie you should watch it)

So I guess the random events of everyday life are my muse!


Can men fart through their d*ck like women do through their p*ssy?

Theoretically yes if you forced air into the penis it would have to leave through the opening but it is not a natural occurrence. It would be very hard to make this happen.

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