Happy Hooters & Nice Nuggets

Nice Nuggets and Happy Hooters are a liquefied powder that keeps your most intimate body parts clean and dry. These powdered creams are scented to provide extra coverage for areas that naturally sweat.

Going downtown for a ‘pool’ party? No matter how good looking you are no girl likes going down on a man who has sweaty testicles so why not rub a little nice nuggets on your junk before heading outto keep yourself dry and smelling good for those moments you’re hoping to score!

Everyone wish’s they had big breasts, except those of us who have them naturally. Chafing is a serious problem that most large breasted women deal with on a daily basis. A little sweat under your breasts can turn into a large chafed rash that will turn anyone off. Rubbing a little happy hooters on after the shower or before you start your day will leave your breasts feeling fresh and sweat free. Wanna know why they call it happy hooters? Because the only way to keep your breasts happy is to keep them fresh and dry!

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Selling for 23.95$ each these amazing lotions are available at the following locations:

118 Villa Nova Plaza, CBS

118 Duckworth St, St. John’s

50 Commonwealth Ave, Mount Pearl

25 West St, Corner Brook

291 Elizabeth Drive, Gander

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