I love the little blonde shes hilarious

Even though this is not a question I decided to post it. I can only assume you mean Carla our CBS manager, we’re kinda fond of her too haha. She has this infectious laugh that makes everyone around her giggle even if what she said wasn’t funny so she’s a great person to have around. I love that she always finds a way to be knowledgeable yet keep customers having fun. Way to go girl!


I saw this movie years ago where the guy got his dick broken is that really possible?

   There is no bone in the penis that you can break however you can potentially fracture the penis itself. During an erection the penis fills with blood and becomes very solid so if it were to become bend from some type of forceful trauma than you could fracture the lining of the corpus cavernosum which is what allows the man to get an erection. It is commonly accompanied by a snapping sound which is why so many people think it’s an actually bone break. A penis fracture can be a serious issue and requires immediate medical attention. This can happen from sexual activity between two people or extreme amounts of masturbation.


One thought on “Answers!

  1. “even if what she said wasn’t funny ” This is true, I laugh at my own jokes a little too much haha :)

    I love hearing positive feedback, all of us here at Our Pleasure love what we do, so it is very easy to have fun at work. Even if this comment is meant for someone else, I know we all love our customers, and it’s so great to hear you love us too!

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