Airports and Anticipation

Recently my partner went on a business trip out of province. It was a short trip but it was still the longest we had been apart, since we had started seeing each other. So when I went to go pick him up from the airport I was excited about it. Full-disclosure, I do have a certain weakness for picking people at the airport. The text that lets you know that they have landed, standing at the bottom of the stairs just waiting to see their face at the top, then the moment they finally appear and you make eye contact, I love the whole anticipation of every part of it.

Waiting at the airport, there was a flight that landed right before his did, so I saw a lot of humans that weren’t him, but that just made it so much better when I finally saw him at the top of the stairs. I was bouncing on my toes and had the biggest smile on my face [Side note: I was told if I was smiling any harder I would break my face]. So here we are, grinning at each other until he reached the bottom of the stairs and pulled me for a hug and kiss, making a mini-scene at the airport. It was perfect moment in time.

And soon I will be going on a trip of my own, where I will be gone for over twice as long as he was, and if this past airport experience was any indication the best moment might happen when I return. And this time I’ll be the one sending the text to say that I have landed, rushing to get to the top of the stairs and looking for that face at the bottom of them, making the eye contact and being pulled into an embrace. I’m already anticipating the scene.

Xo Lauren


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