Anal Sex Positions

Anal sex isn’t for everyone but it is something I think everyone should try at least once, even if it’s just with fingers and toys. The problem with anal is that porn tells us we should bend over and take it but that is far from the case; please remember the people in these videos are professionals. Anal is all about taking things slow, trusting your partner, and using a whole lot of lube! Doggy style is actually the worst position to start experimenting with anal in because it allows the man to have complete control, and let’s be honest he’s not the one whose nervous, she is. Try these three anal positions before working your way to doggy style; you’ll be glad you did!

A sexy spoon position could be just the way to relax enough to enjoy anal for beginners. Basically you both lay down on your sides with the man behind the woman so that he can reach all your sweet spots; nipples and clitoris of course. If the woman bends and stretched her upper legs away from the body than it will automatically help to open the external sphincter a little.




Sexy spoon



The Rocking Horse is a perfect position for women who are a little more nervous than others. The man sits cross legged and leans back to support himself on his arms and you as you straddle him. Being on top puts the woman completely in control; this is very important when it comes to anal. If you’re nervous the idea of a man pushing his penis in too far when you’re scared can make you not want to try anal at all. This position lets him play with your clitoris with one hand and let you take control. It also helps that you’ll be face to face for a little reassurance when you need it!



Rocking Horse


The side kick is a great position to work your way into trusting your partner with doggy style. This position allows him to enter her from behind and touch her all over in a comforting way. For the woman you get to lay down flat and relax your muscles, which next to using a lot of lube is the key to anal sex! This is also a position where he cannot go too deep making it a fun way to experiment and learn to trust him.

The Side Kick

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