Halloween is coming

Lately I have been seeing a lot of links posted on facebook about how Halloween costumes have become too skimpy and too sexy. There are costumes being posted of sexy taco’s, Olaf, princess’s, and basically anything someones dirty little mind can come up with. Now sometimes I agree with the masses but on this topic I really don’t. I am a huge fan of mardi gras and I LOVE getting dressed up in some little costume and going downtown. I agree that some of the costumes are a little sexy and some do show a lot of skin however for the most part these costumes are just being warn to house parties or down to George St so only adults are seeing them. I could understand someone being upset about a parent going around with a child in a skimpy costume however I don’t see the problem with them dressing up for Mardi Gras. All summer long we’ve seen woman walking around in short shorts and bikini tops. I’ve even semen women wear this combination in Wal-Mart so there isn’t much else they can wear around Halloween to shock me. I can’t see the harm in dressing down for a night when its something we do all summer long.

I am going to post a link here so that you can see some of the costumes that people are complaining about. Let me know what you think or any costumes you’ve seen that may be a little too risky.

XoXo Darlings,


One thought on “Halloween is coming

  1. My problem isn’t that they’re sexy. My problem is that they aren’t costumes. They just look like themed dresses! You could at least be a “sexy” ghostbuster, a “sexy” Ninja Turtle, a “sexy” Pirate, etc.

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