Good morning, darlings!
It’s question and answer time!

I’m a girl whose like pretty vanilla and wants to try toys I think but I don’t know where to start or like what to buy.

Well darling there are a few things to consider when buying a first toy. First off are you looking for a clitoral toy or a vaginal toy? We have a large selection of bullets which are used to stimulate the clitoris through vibration. You can get one speed wireless ones called pocket rockets, or multi-speed ones called simply bullets. These can be wired, wireless, remote controlled, waterproof, etc but we would recommend a simple inexpensive one for your first purchase just so you don’t spend too much if it’s not what your looking for.

Than we have the internal vibes, the hard, the silicone, the g-spot, the branch, the realistic etc. If your pretty little mind can dream it they’ve made it. Some have a hard outer shell and tend to have strong vibrations. The silicone are made from a much higher grade material and are hypoallergenic for sensitivity. G-spot toys all have a curve that reaches up towards your g-spot with deep vibrations. Choosing a vibrator in person is something every woman should do in her lifetime. You don’t really know how to pick your first one or what you really want until your standing in the store with dozens in front of your face. It might be the color, the packaging, the shape, size but something about at least one of them will catch your eye and then you know that this one is for you. We are there to open the packages, put battery’s in them, explain them to you and make sure you get what your looking for.

The best way we can help you choose what’s right for you is to come into one of our locations. They are listed on our website

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