Sensory Deprivation

The words sensory deprivation don’t exactly inspire lust in fact more often than not they inspire fear. It takes a huge amount of trust to allow someone to blind you, or take away your ability to hear. However when it comes to sex and bondage sensory deprivation can be used to build trust or to increase pleasure.

Blindfolds are a great way to start! There’s nothing scary about them, I mean most of us had them on as kids swinging at papier-mache animals filled with candy or in bed for a good night sleep. The idea behind sensory deprivation is that once one sense is taken the others intensify to make up for the lack. Touch is obviously the most intense sense during sex, fingers, mouths, toys everything touches the body. So when you increase the sensation of touch you can very easy work someone up into a fenzy with the littlest touch. Feathers are great for this kind of play because you are forcing them to focus on where you touch them and nothing else.

The same idea applies with earplugs. Blocking hearing should also increase reliance on other things as well. We hear people approach us; we hear vibration of toys, etc. So if you are playing with a person, perhaps lightly slapping them when a flogger you increase the anticipation of each smack by removing the ability to hear the whistle of the flogger. I however would not recommend removing the sense of sight as well as hearing the first time that you try this. Everything with bondage has to be safe, slow and consensual. Take your time.

Now you may be wondering how to remove the sensation of touch which is perhaps the most intense and fun sense of all. If you want to push the limits try tying your partner down. When you are forced to comply, to stay in the same position you are only giving what your dom is willing to give you. You cant touch, kiss, nothing unless you are loosened. This allows your partner to have complete control over everything that happens to you. I personally like to keep something like a glass toy available for play like this. The best feature about glass is its ability to heat and cool. You can fill a bowl full of cold water and place the toy in it, or the refrigerator to give it a cool feeling which when circled around the nipples will cause them to tighten and pucker. You can also heat it through hot water or the microwave to make it warm adding extra heat and desire to your submissive. There are no other toys that we carry that have this ability and its a great way to keep your submissive guessing what you’re going to do next.

Once you have tried all of these play ideas separately I would suggest you try them together for the most intense sexual experience you can imagine. Cutting off your sight, hearing and sense of touch leaves you completely vulnerable and open for your partners domination. You can also try things such as Hoods that take away all the sensations but we wont be getting into those tonight, If you have more questions you can stop into your nearest OP for more information.

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