To Bush or Not to Bush

To Bush or not to Bush that is the question that I’m currently trying to figure out.

As a woman of the millennium I have to honestly say that I’ve been rockin the hard wood floor since I was 13 years old. The first guy that I ever dated told me that hair down there was dirty and you had to shave it; so I did. Ever since then I’ve been religiously shaving my pubic hair at least four times a week and if there was a little bit of stubble it had to go. I have been sexually active for the last 12 years and never once did it ever cross my mind to grow a bush. In fact I’ve been with many people who have been completely against pubic hair, like one hair and you had to go shave immediately. Who am I trying to kid I was one of those girls. I mean I didn’t mind a little bit but the idea of going down on a girl who wasn’t shaved was a nightmare. I had one girlfriend when I was 19 who was 33 and she actually grew a small amount of hair at one point and I had to convince myself that I loved her enough to push through it. No joke.

When I started her at OP I had a few co-workers who are completely open and all about the bush. I’m talking full on glorious, fluffy bush. I mean these women are PROUD of their curly bushy vaginas and I was… disgusted for lack of a better word. So imagine my surprise when I’m sitting down with my new lover talking about different strange fetish’s and his face turns red when I talk about how weird I find people who like bush’s. Seriously? Little miss no hair is confronted with the dilemma of to bush or not to bush.

We discussed it, because to be honest I have a little big of morbid curiosity on what people really think of ‘the bush’ like how could he be into that? However when he explained it as something he saw as feminine, erotic, natural it became more appealing. He grew up in the 1980’s with Playboy magazine and their beautiful bush’s so to him that was sexy. I thought hmmmm could I be one of those girls? Could I be a bush totin’ lover? Better yet did I care enough about my new lover to do something to make him happy? Well I did what any rational female would do, I asked my co-workers lol. How long does it take to grow, is it itchy, do you find it uncomfortable, does your partner really like it, is it dirty? All of the things that were going through my mind. I was so much more comfortable asking a girlfriend this than ‘the boy’ as I call him. So after weighting the pro’s and con’s and realizing there are WAY more pros to not shaving, like not having to shave, less ingrown hairs, no costly waxing and of course turning the boy on.

So what did I decide? To bush of course. As much as I wasn’t sure if I would like it or not I figured I would never really know unless I tried. At this point I have a weeks work or growth and I’m feeling pretty good. The boys reaction has been fantastic and it makes me feel that much sexier. I figure to compromise I will grow my bush but keep it at a length of my choosing :)

What about your darlings? Are you bushin?

XoXo Darlings,


6 thoughts on “To Bush or Not to Bush

  1. Dunno if yer looking for a guy’s pov, but I’ve kept my own shaved, and I prefer my wife’s shaved. Now I by no means tell her “if she don’t, I wont….” But I do prefer it. And shaving myself is my choice, I just feel cleaner and sexier and I’m of the mind that anything is like my wife to do, I have to be willing too.

  2. Darling we are always looking for everyone’s pov! I think body hair may be one of those things that everyone has an opinion and preference about. I defiantly think it’s important to try and accommodate your partners desire’s as long as your comfortable with it.

  3. This is one topic that you’ll get so many opinions about
    I prefer all natural for my male partners, to me it has the same effect of a nice full beard, it’s manly, it’s rugged, it’s sexy.
    As a woman, I have shaved and not shaved, from bare to full bush. The first thing I say to people “what makes little red bumps and prickly hairs more attractive than soft full hairs?” but I’ve come to realize it’s preference, and as much as people may think way too much about, it’ll be hard to come by someone turning you down based on a shave preference.
    I personally think there is too much pressure on women to be this hairless perfect creature, we are women, we have pubic hair, we have facial hair, we have underarm hair, we have hair on our stomachs, you name it we have hair there. It wasn’t until I had confidence to say “No, I’d rather not shave” and I’d have partners saying “I think you’re sexy no matter” that I let go of trying to be “one of those girls” and just be what suited me
    Also, shaving or not shaving has nothing to do with cleanliness, everyone has a right to how they feel but we should rethink where we get these ideas from and why we feel that way

    • I agree with you 100% Cindy. If my. Wife told me today that she’d rather stop shaving, I wouldn’t find her any less sexy. My manscaping habits are my own, she’s told me on several occasions I don’t have to shave for her, but I prefer it for me. I feel better for doing it. Also I agree with Petey in her “Manscaping” article. Being shaven just makes oral so much more enjoyable! I love giving it just as much as receiving it, and it’s just better to run my tongue over nice smooth, I think (most) anyone who’s into giving oral would agree :)

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