Stimulate Yourself

When we mention stimulants a lot of people automatically think about Viagra or Ciallis. For some reason we think stimulants are just for men but they are NOT! We carry stimulants for men and women.

As a woman I think that using stimulants is an important part of a healthy sex life. As women we often feel that we aren’t “normal” if we can’t have an orgasm from penetration alone but the percentage of women who can is very low, only around 23%. We need to be stimulated, to be touched, to experience foreplay. The average man only lasts about 3 minutes after entering the vagina whereas woman take about 17 minutes just to get out of their heads! We’re so distracted by thoughts of “Did I turn the straighter off? Is the dyer done? I shouldn’t have eaten that second piece of cake… etc etc” So when you use a stimulant to boost your libido you bring yourself into the moment. You allow yourself to become consumed in the actions of your own hands or your partners. Sometimes we just need something to help us turn the world off so we can turn ourselves on.

One of the most popular products we carry is Tickle her Pink. Ladies a drop of this will leave your clitoris tingling with deep pleasurable sensation. It contains a product called L’Arginine which increases the blood flow that reaches the clitoris, causing it to swell and tingle. Every touch, every sensation is greatly increased which makes it that much easier for you to have an intense mind blowing orgasm! The only thing we ask you to remember is that because this product changes the blood flow in your body it is not safe for women who are pregnant. If you are pregnant we do have other alternatives for you such as ON our all natural female arousal oil. On provides your clitoris with a warm buzzing sensation that will raise your arousal and make touch that much more pleasurable. These products are great not just for couples but for solo play as well. They are both toy friendly and using them with a product such as a bullet can make the lowest speed feel like the highest in 0-60 seconds.

Now how many of you out there have been performing oral gratification on your partner and thought my god would you just finish already??? Well we have a fantastic oral gel that provides sensation for both partners. Kama Sutra pleasure balm comes in a variety of different flavors so that you can turn your partner into a sweet tasty treat that’s made just for you! While some people enjoy using flavored lubricants this takes a new spin on it because it causes a tingling sensation to spread on the area that you place it. The great thing is that you can place it anywhere; it will stimulate your nipples as well as the groin area and make oral gratification that much better for you and for your partner!

Stimulate your sex life!



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