Good morning, darlings!
It’s question and answer time!

I took my daughter to the doctor to talk about STD’s and pregnancy and he told her that you can get pregnant when you are on your menses and I don’t think thats right. I do not want him giving her fake information just to scare her away from sex but at the same time I didn’t want to ask him about it with her there and online I found lots of different information but I need a clear answer as soon as you can reply.


Hello darling, first off I think it’s wonderful that you want to give your daughter the correct information. You CAN get pregnant on your period however it isn’t very common. There are a few reasons why/how this could happen so Ill try to break them down as simple as possible.

  1. “Breakthrough Bleeding” can occur around the time of ovulation when your most fertile. You could have a day or two of heavy to low spotting that can be easily mistaken as a period especially to a young girl. So while this is not getting pregnant on your period it is how some girls could mistake it and I feel it’s worth mentioning.
  2. Sperm can live inside your body for up to 2-5 days. So for those of you who have sex on the last day or two of your period when the flow is less heavy you could theoretically get pregnant during this time. It’s rare but it does happen
  3. Not every girl is on a 28-30 day cycle some women are on a 21-24 day cycle. Normally you would enter your ovulation period between the 11-21st day of the cycle but if you are one of the women who are on a 21 day cycle you could start ovulation a few days after your period and if it is within that 5 day period that the sperm can live then you could become pregnant.
  4. Another situation that a lot of people don’t think of is the long period. We’ve all had one where it lasts more than a week and is out of the ordinary. Especially when you’re young and adjusting to your period this can happen. If your body is shedding the lining slowly it doesn’t slow down your next ovulation. Your next egg will show up while your still bleeding from the previous month. So if you’re period is taking 10 days (which happens) you’re most likely 3-5 days into your next cycle by the time you’re done.

So really what your doctor said was right, you can conceive when your menstruating. It is a less fertile period of the month but it can still happen. One of the best things you can do as a parent is explain to your child the dangers of having sex sex before they’re emotionally or mentally ready. Pregnancy unfortunately isn’t the only thing we have to worry about anymore, STD’s are real and they are scary. If you think your daughter is having sex make sure she always has condoms, because you can’t always depend on the boy to have them. It’s better to be safe then sorry.

I hope this helps!



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