Good morning, lovers!
It’s question and answer time!

Can you poor your candles into someone rectum?

I’m assuming you mean the soy wax candles that we sell as a massage candle. The answer is no, no, no, NO. I can not get this point across enough, NO!!!! The skin on the inside of the anus is so thin that it would burn at a low heat and feel very uncomfortable (and be an embarrassing ER trip). Erotic wax play can be lots of fun but you should never fill a body cavity with wax. Stick to pouring it all over the body, you can pour it down someone’s bum but never internally. OUCH. NO.

Are you having a black friday sale?

Unfortunately I got this message the day before Black Friday and no we are not. We are having our own tax free day on Wednesday Dec 3rd. Actually this gets posted on Wednesday so TODAY!

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