Weekly Q & A

Dear Darlings
Do you have a burning question that you’re too shy to ask?
Have something that has been on your mind for ages but you don’t quite know how to say it? If you’re alive and you’re human, you probably have questions about sex.  The truth is, no one can know everything there is to know about sex and sexuality.  Here at Our Pleasure, we learn new things every day! We are not doctors or relationship gurus, but we will try our best to give you the best advice we can give!

Leave all your questions about sex, sexuality, sexual health, birth control, STI’s, and relationships here and we’ll answer them each Wednesday! We’ll try to answer three questions, if we don’t get to yours this week, don’t fear, we’ll just carry it over to next week!

(If you don’t want to leave your real email address, you don’t have to.  No problem!  Simply type in a fake email address)

2 thoughts on “Weekly Q & A

  1. Hey OP!

    I was wondering if you carry costumes? I’m looking for like a school girl skirt. My girlfriend has a specific fantasy that I would love to fulfill! :) if you could help it would be greatly appreciated. I would need a plus size one if possible.


    • Hello, yes we do carry costumes but in order for you to know what location has what you are looking for in stock you would have to contact the stores directly. If you can not find what you are looking for you can send an email to info@ourpleasure.ca and we can order one in for you.

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