Shyla’s First Blog

I’ve been with my partner for five years now, and within those 5 years he has had to move away twice for work. The first time it happened we were together approximately 6 months and he was gone a little over a year. Then when we were together for about two years he moved away for about 18 months. He’s been home now for two years but it’s looking like he’s going to be moving again soon; when I thought about it I figured ‘surely I can’t be the only person out there going through this!’

Everyone thinks long distance ruins relationships, but I’m here to say that’s not always true. I was only 17 when my partner moved away for work and like I said we were only together 6 months. I honestly believe it made our relationship that much stronger because of the obstacles that we had to face. It defiantly helped our communication skills a lot such as; it taught us to be careful what you write in a text because with no tone or facial view it’s easy to take something the wrong way. Here’s the best example of a misunderstanding caused by a joke text: at the time I was working in the meat department of a grocery store, and Anthony told me he was with me for the “cheap meat”. Boy did I take that the wrong way. I thought he was talking about sex, when what he really meant was actual meat, seeing as I got a pretty good discount at this store. That led to a rough day or two.

Being apart made us appreciate the time we had together a lot more. He would drive out home every 2 weeks for the weekends but we wouldn’t have the whole weekend though. He would get into town 10pm on Friday and would have to leave again early Sunday morning so really, we had a day. But it would be the best day ever. Sometimes we would just simply lay around and watch movies, or go out to a movie. No matter what we did it was fantastic. Just finally seeing each other in person was all that mattered. During the winter, we saw each other even less. We all know how horrible the highways can be during the winter so that was always tough.

One thing we didn’t expect was long distance kind of helped our sex life. When you only get to engage in any kind of intimacy twice a month it’s much more enjoyable. Going back to appreciation, well, you appreciate it more. When you live with your partner or live in the same town you just kind of think, well not today I kind of have a headache and there’s always tomorrow. We didn’t have that, after going two or three weeks, you want it right then and there. Finally getting that release after a few weeks is amazing.

Knowing all this while going into another possible moving situation doesn’t make it any easier. It’s still really tough. You do miss the person, and as much as you appreciate the time you do have with each other it’s still always nice to have that person there when you need them. Long distance isn’t always the easiest thing but with the right person it’s manageable.



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