Hair Lube

Over Christmas my Uncle was hospitalized and I spend a lot of time in the CCU. Now for any of you who have had a sick relative in the hospital you know that you can be called in at any time, forget to wash your hair, forget to brush your teeth, forget to sleep. I unfortunately was one of those people that forgot everything and didn’t want to leave. After a long night in the hospital I washed my hair in the sink and left it to dry. Now if you knew me you’d know that I have BIG hair. It’s not as simple as curly, wavy or frizzy it’s all of the above. Depending on how I’m feeling I will straighten my hair or put gel in it to help it curl but more often then not its in a bun. On this particular day my hair just would not co-operate. It started to stick up and point to the sides and I just couldn’t handle it. I searched everywhere in the CCU for something that I could use in my hair but the only thing I could find was the gel lubricant. I knew from work that silicone lubricant helps to remove frizz but I really had no idea what would happen if I used a water based gel lubricant. For lack of having anything else I used the gel and it worked!!! It actually made for an amazing hair gel! My hair didn’t get crunchy or slimy it acted just like my curl enhancing gel. I loved it so much that I’ve been using it at home as well instead of my natural stuff. Upon looking online it seems I’m not the only person whose used this before! Why not try it?

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