Good morning, lovers!
It’s question and answer time!

Sometimes when I masturbate or have sex my right testicle will leave my scrotum and go into my body. It doesnt hurt but I can feel it wedged up there and I usually can push it out back into the scrotum. I was born with normally descended testicles, and I haven’t been kicked in the groin or anything and it only happens sometimes, not every time. It doesn’t hurt when it rides up, but it is uncomfortable and feels strange. It is only the right one, never the left that does this.

Ball in hiding?


Believe it or not this is a pretty normal occurrence for some men due to the cremaster muscle. The cremaster muscle is an involuntary muscle and contraction can occur during arousal which helps prevent injury to the testicles during sex, ie// moving them up into the body. Depending on the situation the cremaster muscle will leave your testicles hanging lose or pull them in tight to the body (or inside). During orgasm is is very common to have the testicles ride up into the body because orgasms can affect the whole body not just your penis. If you want to see how the cremasteric reflex works lay down on a flat surface and lightly stroke the skin on the inner thigh from the hip down to the knee. This should cause the cremaster muscle on the same side to rapidly contact causing that testicle to raise. However as always I will recommend you see a doctor just on the basis that we are not medical experts. Normally pain or slow movement would be a cause for concern but it’s nice to double check just to be sure :) If you don’t have a doctor why not run down to Planned Parenthood?

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