Good morning, lovers! It’s time for Bond’s
question & answer <3

Is there such a thing as “too slutty”?

That’s a rather loaded and vague question. Too slutty for what? It also depends on your definition of slutty. If we assume that the definition of slutty is an individual who has had many sexual partners then I would have to say it’s a choice of lifestyle. And of course we can’t ignore the misogynistic double standard that woman are more commonly labeled as slutty where as men are labeled as players. Like I said, it’s a very loaded question.

Some men might have some concerns about dating a woman who has had many sexual partners. They might not agree with that lifestyle or they might be concerned about STI’s. Weather you practice safer sex or not, more partners means more risk. Anyone engaged in this sort of lifestyle should get tested on a regular basis.

On the flip side, there are men who prefer a woman with experience.


If your mother started an argument with me, whose side would you be on and why do men always take their mothers side?

Girlfriends come and go, but moms are forever. That’s the short answer.

Personally I can’t ever see my mother putting me in an awkward position like that. My mother would have the good sense to broach the subject in a sensitive manner rather than cause a scene. But for those guys out there that aren’t lucky enough to have an awesome mom like me then I suggest those men defuse the situation and try to find a compromise rather than pick sides. Nobody likes a momma’s boy.


Do you hate it when we ask you to kill the bugs or does it secretly make you feel kind of macho?

I prefer to leave them be or toss them outside rather than squatting them and making a mess. But I suppose it’s good to feel needed even if it’s for something as trivial as getting rid of the big bad scary spider in the corner. Men might complain and poke fun at you for it but secretly most of them love it.


Ever yours,


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