Anal Douching 101

Anal douching is a great way to prepare yourself for anal sex especially if you are concerned about being clean in your anal cavity. One of the main reasons we hear people say that they don’t want to engage in anal play or sex is that they are afraid of fecal matter. So in this blog I’m going to discuss the proper ways to douche.

Steps for anal douching
  1. You should always clean your douche before using it, even if  first time you’ve used it. The reason for this is that the anus is a very sensitive area and you do not want to let any bacteria get up inside the rectum. A good toy cleaner is a great way to make sure your douche is clean and ready to use.
  2. Some people use soft soap in their douche’s but I think water is sufficient. You want to use warm, not hot or cold as the skin inside the rectum is very sensitive. Using hot water could potentially burn you so please be careful.
  3. LUBRICATION regardless if you think you need it or not, regardless of your experience level everyone should use lubricant. Cover the douche with a good lubricant and also lubricate yourself. This will prevent any tearing from occurring and makes it easier for your body to accept the douche.
  4. When you insert the douche into the anal cavity you want to go very slow, take your time and insert it carefully.
  5. Once the douche is inserted up into your body you want to squeeze the bulb releasing the water into the rectum. Do not squeeze over and over trying to get the last drop of water as you may be just filling your rectum with air which can be very uncomfortable.
  6. Remove the douche and allow yourself to release the water into a toilet. You should repeat this process until the water runs clear. If at any point you feel pain or uncomfortable with the water in your rectum you should stop. This may be your body’s way of saying that it has had enough.

7. You should always douche about an hour or two before having anal play (unless the douche is part of the play) as the water



Happy Douching Darlings!



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