One Night Stand



Favorite Lyrics:

Everywhere I go, the people wanna make some time with me.
That’s okay, if the next day I can be free.
Well, it’s feelin’ good and you’re the one I’m lovin’ tonight,
Well, don’t you go and spoil it, babe, by trying to get yourself all uptight.

Final Thoughts: 

I’m actually DISGUSTED that I’ve never heard this song before! Thank God one of my lovely readers messaged this to me after the ‘Get on Your Knee’s’ post! All I can say is that this song was WAY before its time. Released on the album ‘Farewell Song’ in 1982 this song is all about sex without love, sex without emotion, sex without commitment. This is such a powerful song for me after hearing it because I am a firm believer in the emotionless sex. If you can separate sex from emotion then theres no reason not to share the pleasure ;)




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