Good morning, darlings!
It’s question and answer time!


Where can I get a good flogger not a garbage one?


We carry lots of different styles of floggers at our locations but if you are looking for a nice balanced one with weight then I would look at the James Deen “Under my Control” flogger that we sell for $49.95. The James Deen flogger gives the promise of pain that will leave your partner breathless in anticipation. Passionately swing the Realistic Leather falls to deliver a firm crack that will send your partner into submissive ecstasy. The luxurious Realistic Suede-wrapped handle includes a Black wrist strap, making it easy to maneuver and keep firmly in-hand.


I’m 15, how can I buy condoms without my mom knowing? None of my friends want to get involved. I live in a small town where EVERYONE knows everyone.. so everyone knows me and everyone knows my family. They would tell my grandparents and my mom if I went in to the gas station to buy condoms! I also can’t drive yet so I can’t drive to another area to buy them. What can I do?
First off I’m glad that your using condoms and trying to be safe because no matter what age you are you need to be protected. If you are sure that your mom won’t help you purchase condoms then I would speak to your doctor and let him know that you want to be safe but don’t know how to go about getting them; many doctors office’s have condoms. The second option is to go to your local pharmacy and ask the pharmacist to ring them in for you beneath the counter so that no one see’s your purchase. There is a certain confidentiality that must be followed by professionals so that would be the route I would go. However sex is something that you should discuss with your mother, if you’re not ready yet try to keep in mind that your mother was young once too and most likely understands. Pregnancy is the least of today’s problems STI’s are what you need to be careful about and most parents will want to keep you protected if they can’t keep you from having sex.  Good luck darling <3 e-mail us at if you need any more help.

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