Hi guys! I really need to learn to keep up with all the blogs that are being written..

Anywho, the other day I was sitting down and watching some TV with my mom. As the commercials began during a break, I ignored almost all of them like one normally would; but although I wasn’t watching the TV, I couldn’t help but hear a particular theme going on..

Minutes passed, and I waited for the next commercial break – this time I paid attention. Now, ignoring all the car, Wal Mart, and febreeze ads, I took mental note of the Dove commercial promoting their self esteem awareness campaign. And I think it’s a great campaign which encourages girls of every age (not that it should be limited to just girls) to love themselves and their bodies. It’s beautiful, it’s touching, it’s strong.

And then the onslaught began.

Join weightwatchers now for the body you want. Joining Goodlife gym means you will have a good life. Make your lashes look 678% more full with this mascara. Hide your blemishes or wrinkles with this foundation. It didn’t stop for a solid five minutes! Any other day I wouldn’t have noticed just how overwhelming these advertisements are but when I really paid attention; holy crap.

Now the last thing I want to do is come across as a self righteous better-than-your-products-I-love-me person, because I’m not. I use make up, I’ve joined the gym (and quit because who has time for that), and I’ve even been convinced by the TV to buy a special facial cream that promised to get rid of the freckles that my mother and boyfriend love so much (I still have them (: ). So by no means I am going to preach about how you should not buy any of these products. But at the same time does it not feel like they are trying to tell us that we are not good enough unless we use their product? Not pretty enough, not fit enough, your skin isn’t what it should be, ETC.

I ranted about this to my mother and even my manager for a little bit and they both understood where I was coming from when I say that it’s just very overwhelming they they’re promoting change rather than acceptance. But they both brought up very valid points about these ads that made me ease up a little bit;

  1. “How the hell do you think they make their money, Layla?” Okay, very true. Of course they’re going to advertise that you can look %100 times better if you use what they make rather than nothing at all. They research what people are trying to change about themselves the most – and that would be their appearance. So why not make products that can help ease into that change?
  1. Self esteem comes from feeling good. My mother looked at me and asked if I felt good after putting on a nice outfit and a fresh face of makeup. Obviously the answer was of course I do. And then she just looked at me.. and I stared back. Finally, she huffed and then explained it to me; People do whatever it is they like to make themselves feel good. And when it comes to self esteem, people tend to have a higher one if they’re wearing something they like, it they are in the shape that they want to be, and so on.

Mother strikes again. She was very right. But that doesn’t mean I still agree with all of the advertisements promoting that your life sucks without “this” product in your life. So I guess what it is that I’m trying to say is that if you want to purchase what they’re selling to feel good – absolutely go for it. If that foundation makes you feel beautiful, buy it. If those apple bottom jeans make you feel bootylicious, buy them.

You do not need these things, but you need to feel good about yourself. Just please do not let these products or advertisements make you think that you are not beautiful enough without them.

So I would like to know what all the readers think of advertising and self-esteem. Leave your comments! I’ll make sure to read all of them .



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