For the last time

I started writing blogs for Our Pleasure back in September of 2013 and my very first one was “Don’t you put it in your mouth”. Over the last 18 months I’ve opened up to you all, we’ve talked about abuse, sex, illness’s, desire, beauty, pubic hair, rape, enhancers, bondage; we’ve talked about it all! I’ve shared pieces of myself with you and in return you’ve opened yourselves up to me with questions and comments. I’ve had an amazing time writing for myself and for you but this will be the last blog that I do. I am leaving Our Pleasure for a new career with a heavy heart but I am so glad that I had this opportunity. I’ve learned so much in my time here and I can’t wait to read the new blogs that come out after me, I’m sure you’re all excited too!

While they are waiting to find someone to take over the blog there will be a few weeks with nothing posted but stay tuned because there is lots more to come!

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite to 10 blogs that I’ve written since being here, I hope you enjoy them!

For the last time Darlings




Don’t you put it in your mouth September 2, 2013

One Night (I don’t under)Stand November 18, 2013

Myth Busters OP Style April 25th, 2014

Two Great Loves March 28, 2014

The Ex Files June 9 2014

I’m Sorry Miss Mack August 15 2014

80/20 Rule July 7 2014

Is three a crowd?

To Bush or not to Bush

I can’t make you love me, but I do


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