Myth Buster’s OP Style

One of the hardest things about working at Our Pleasure is dealing with customers who have more than just purchasing in mind. Apparently over the years some rumors have spread about the stores and the employees so today I’d like to put some of them to rest. If you come up with any others that I haven’t heard before let me know and Ill separate the fact from fiction!

  1. There is a massage table in the back room of each store where you can get a massage followed by a happy ending. MYTH. While we don’t judge anyone who enjoys this type of massage we do not provide it in any of our stores. We also do not know where you can get one done.
  2. If you call any of the stores there is a beautiful girl on the other line waiting to help talk you through your masturbation session. MYTH. While our ladies may be beautiful inside and out we do not provide phone sex to anyone. I’m pretty sure any 1-900 # you call can do that for you and all you need is a credit card.
  3. You can claim your purchase on your insurance. TRUTH. Some insurance companies will reimburse you for things purchased at our stores if you have a receipt and doctors note. We are a sexual health store which means we carry things like dilators, hypoallergenic lubricant, Prostatic penis attachments and more. (Please note we do not do any insurance discounts in store everything has to go through your insurance after your purchase and it all depends on your individual insurance company).
  4. It’s ok to expose yourself to an OP worker when trying to pick a condom size. MYTH. This is actually illegal and we will ask you to leave than call the police.
  5. We have glory hole booths. MYTH. This is actually a new one I only heard recently but no we do not carry booths for sex or private stimulation.
  6. There is a binder under the counter of one secret store that contains the e-mail for every swinger in St. John’s. MYTH. There is no secret binder at any of our stores. We have nothing against swinging we just don’t keep any e-mails or phone numbers because it would be too confusing adding and remove people; that’s what Plenty of Fish is for!
  7. “You know some lot about these products so you must be into everything.” MYTH/TRUTH. We know a lot about our products because the owners of OP believe in educating the staff before letting them work on their own so that we can in turn educate the public. So yes we know a lot about the product but like one manager says “I’m sure you know a lot about your job too.” Just because we know a lot about bondage or anal doesn’t mean we practice it in our own lives.
  8. Staff will tell you which toys they enjoy using and other personal details. MYTH. We are here to help you but we do not give out personal details about our sex lives. When you go to shoppers to buy condoms you don’t ask the cashier if he enjoys anal sex with his partner so why would it be ok to ask us?
  9. You can get either oral or manual stimulation at the downtown store for 5$. MYTH. For starters the idea that anyone would do something like that for 5$ should have let people know that this couldn’t be farther from the truth. For seconds again we are a sexual health store not a brothel. We sell adult products but we are not included in the price.

I’m sure some people are giggling at this blog saying my god who would believe any of that and than others are probably shocked because they’ve heard these rumors before. We are a retail location that sells adult novelties, pleasure products and sexual health items. We do NOT sell sex we sell items of a sexual nature. There’s a big difference.  So the next time you’re at an Our Pleasure location try to remember that we are just like you; working to make a living. We are not call girls, phone sex agents or prostitutes. When people treat us like us we are it can be frightening, upsetting or even traumatizing. We work for a living just like everyone else and should never be made to feel dirty or uncomfortable in our jobs. We work hard for you so please remember to smile at the lovely lady or gent who welcomes you the next time you walk into one of our stores!

Don’t forget to leave any more myth’s you’d like busted!



3 thoughts on “Myth Buster’s OP Style

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